It’s been a little hard to post lately with so many things running through my head. Some of the more interesting, or at least humorous, are:

  1. Californians hate gay people more than they love money. While the state is in debt by over 200 billion dollars, its citizens have decided to give up the 70 billion in projected yearly revenue from gay marriage being legal in the state.
  2. Californians care about chickens more than they care about people. Prop 2, which requires better housing for farm animals, passed by more than 25 points, while equal protection as a constitutional right was restricted to heteros by the passing of Prop 8.
  3. Californians think 14 year old girls should be able to get abortions without their parents’ knowledge, but two consenting adults should not be allowed to marry each other. Alright, pipe down. I know Prop 4 was about more than parental notification.

I think the votes in this election that restricted gay rights in four states are best summed up by Roy Edroso, in his Village Voice blog post title: “Cheer up, GOP: America still hates gay people.”

I think the gays should get compensated (or at least thanked) for being the sole, unifying issue in this presidential campaign. Yes, they all agreed, gays should be treated exactly the same as everyone else under the law. So then…they should be allowed to get married? Oh no, of course not, that’s ridiculous!

Margaret and Helen, my favorite old lady bloggers, make a salient point: “if you want to protect marriage…ban divorce…if you want to save marriage, marry someone you love.”

And lastly, Gavin Newsome, the controversial mayor of San Francisco who I happen to have a Rosie/Tom Cruise like crush on, nails it when he reminds us, “Everybody knows a civil union is not a marriage. There’s not an elected official in America that’s given up their marriage certificate for a civil union because they know the difference.” (Watch the video)

So now what? Should we stop paying our taxes, like Melissa Etheridge? Maybe, but as depressing as it is to be reminded of the cruelty we are capable of perpetrating against each other, the truth is we know the gays are going to win. We know we will win because our motivation is the love we have for our partner or spouse. We may allow others to kick us around, but you mess with my wife and I’m coming after you.

Love is stronger than prejudice or ignorance. Love is stronger than the “Bradley Effect” that materialized not in Obama’s election as predicted, but in the passing of Proposition 8 in California. Love is the greatest of these—of all things. Love is what is driving LGBT people to seek equality, and, for this reason, we know we will win.

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