My friend, Brent, put together the following for our enlightenment:

In light of hard economic times, I’d like to share a few numbers with you regarding the financial state of California…

11,200,000,000: Estimated California Budget shortfall this year.

7.7: percentage of unemployment rate in California

48: the rank of California in unemployment in all the 50 United States of America.

4,500,000,000: Estimated California Spending Cuts. Details are as of yet unspecific, but safe to say unemployment is sure to rise.

2,500,000,000: the Spending Cuts that will be coming from the Education Sector.

1.5: percentage of proposed “temporary” sales tax increase.

1,150,000,000: Amount of Revenue generated by 2009-2010 by new taxes to services not taxed previously, including but not limited to: appliance and furniture repair, vehicle repair, golf, veterinarian services, amusement parks and sporting events.

12: Proposed increase in dollars to annual vehicle license fee.

5: Proposed increase in cents per alcoholic drink.

684,000,000: Projected revenue for Wedding-related services in the state of California over next 3 years from gay couples.

64,000,000: Additional tax revenue for the state over next 3 years from those services.

9,000,000: In additional revenue to Counties for marraige licenses for gay couples.

Would gay marriage solve all of California’s financial woes? No.

But hundreds of millions to keep people employed (and keep them from collecting unemployment further draining the state of resources), tens of millions that could be used in educational programs among other state shortfalls or to help lower taxes, and millions in local economies that would result from gay marriage…. what is the reason California banned gay marriage again?

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Thanks, Brent. Well said.