Okay, let’s be honest; blogging is narcissistic. Even those of us who are new and repeating the “I just couldn’t be silent anymore” mantra, are narcissistic. Seriously, argue if you’re able, but I find it impossible to get around this point. I’ve even gone so far as to tell myself that a blog focusing on a social cause is altruistic…I am proud to say I realize this is even more conceited. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

Since I am powerless over my addiction, I must share: thegreatestofthese made the WordPress “Blog of the Day” list of top 100 Growing Blogs! Yep, we did, and I’m proud to say we were lucky number 65, one upping “nerds with attitude” and a full five places ahead of the crochet lady. Take a look:


As I was relishing this moment, which was due mainly to an early posting of John Stewart’s Huckabee interview, I was quickly brought down to earth by the sites sandwiching me on the list. So, Nerds with Attitude (“NWA”) is some sort of Baltic skinhead site that uses tags like “free sex” to get traffic (not a bad idea, I guess, but the tags are in English and the site is not–bummer). Their home page is full of loving references to things they hate as “gay” and racial epithets. These, of course, are in English. Lucky us.

The blog immediately ahead of mine is a Mormon blog. I read a post in which the author describes an attack on his church in London. Apparently, an arsonist set off a petrol bomb and verbally disrupted the service proclaiming that Mormons were not “saved” and that they needed to convert to Catholicism.

So, in case you were planning an intervention, I assure you, I have been properly deflated by the company with which I am surrounded. After all the excitement, it was the crochet blog that was peaceful, creative, and worth the read. Who knew?