The Obama sellout/Warren assault continues, and the media discussion has begun to digress even further. Now they say that people of “differing social opinions” should all be given equal time. Of course, the fact that there are no LGBT representatives being given any time in the inauguration notwithstanding, Warren is getting a lot of time. I do not consider my dignity an appropriate topic for “social discussion.” However, I do think it is funny that Warren is now saying homosexuality is “natural,” just like it’s natural that he wants to sleep “with every beautiful woman” he sees. Yikes.

california_rainbow1In a bit of good news California Attorney General, Jerry Brown, surprised everybody by filing a brief AGAINST Prop 8. Brown was never a supporter of Prop 8, but once it was passed by voters, he felt it was his duty to defend it as a matter of the sate. Per the LA Times:

But after studying the matter, he says, he came to the conclusion that gay rights activists were correct in arguing that the proposition amounted to a constitutional revision, instead of a more limited amendment.

Brown added: “Proposition 8 must be invalidated because the amendment process cannot be used to extinguish fundamental constitutional rights without compelling justification.”

The article also reminds us who will be leading the argument for the Pro-Prop 8 Side: Kenneth Starr. Since his Monica Lewinsky, panty-sniffing days, Ken has become Dean of Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, CA. The brief that he co-wrote with the yes on H8 campaign argues that the court should invalidate the marriages of 18,000 lesbians and gay men during the period they were legal in the state. Here is the brief, posted on Pam’s House Blend before it is even up on the CASC site…I’m in awe, Pam.

It is no surprise that this was the ultimate goal of the campaign. I am surprised that they are doing it now–it puts before the court such an extreme position. I thought they would have waited. Then again, maybe it is an attempt to let the court try to appease both sides (H8 stands, but so do the 18,000). Of course, they may be tempting the court to throw out all of this nonsense so that they can raise a bunch of money for their activist judges fund. Double speak at its most sinister…who knows…who cares.

Since we are all surrounded by the demoralizing voices that continue to rage against us, I propose comfort in the way of our common experience. My fair ones, steal away with me into the stories of our lives. Here again, from the current appeal before the California Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8:



We all know that allowing same gender couples to protect each other and our relationships does nothing to hurt other couples. This is not the destruction of anything. No worlds will collapse.  Separate is not equal, but we will win…because our motivation is love.