The ACLU of Southern California yesterday filed suit against the Newport-Mesa Unified School District and officials of Corona del Mar High School for permitting and sanctioning an atmosphere that is hostile to female, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender students in general, and has led to despicable threats of violence against one student in particular. The student was called a lesbian and threatened with rape and murder by three senior boys who posted their vitriol in a public video on Facebook. The boys, shown in the above image, are allegedly named Joey Jones, Max Haase, and Noah Molnar.

Corona del Mar High School is the Orange County school where a production of the musical “Rent” was canceled in February before widespread, negative media coverage led school administrators to reverse themselves and allow the production to go forward.

The homophobic harassment and bullying at the school unfortunately typify a rise in hostility toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students throughout California in the wake of the divisive campaign over Proposition 8.

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