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So, after a year-long sabbatical I have missed so much that it has been hard to decide how to begin writing again. What issue would blip on my radar, my proverbial “game on,” that would quickly fade into the background when followed by more regular posts. Today, I found the juicy blogosphere morsel that jerked me from my comfortable seat in the back of the bleachers.

Vaughn Walker is gay. Vaughn Walker, the Judge overseeing the current federal trial related to Proposition 8, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, is gay.

Apparently, Walker’s sexuality is no secret, but the fact that it has not come up throughout this trial is amazing. The major points covered in the Chronicle Article that broke the story include the fact that Walker was randomly assigned to this trial; he did not seek the appointment.

The anti-gay equality crowd has put out a statement talking about the “obvious” and “egregious” bias shown by Judge Walker in this case. The National Organization for Marriage (straights only marriage, that is) released a statement entitled “Got Bias.” Their statement reads like kids on a playground shouting “that’s not fair!”

The obvious logical point here is that all judges are supposedly unbiased in their case decisions, and, of course, heterosexual judges decide the fate of LGBT people all the time. I must admit though, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure to watch the anti-equality forces feel the same sense of injustice that we feel everyday—whether it is unfounded or not.

Game on.