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You all know this already: the CA Supreme Court will issue its decision on the constitutional challenge to proposition 8 and on what will become of the legal marriages entered by 36,000 people tomorrow at 10 am PST.

Here is what is happening tomorrow night: Day of the Decision. On Saturday, everyone will be meeting “in the middle” of the state…Fresno (which, by the way, has a happening LGBT film festival every year, so don’t totally discount its scene). Here is the info on that: Meet in the Middle. (So Cal folks check out Orange County and Long Beach events.)

Fortunately or unfortunately, my wife and I will be on a remote island in the Caribbean for the next week. Though we wish we could be with you during this historic time, we will relish the opportunity to get away from the struggle and, for a brief time, remember why we are fighting so hard.

With love and in solidarity,



Last night, Lt. Dan Choi spoke to Rachel Maddow about his impending dismissal from the Army National Guard because he is gay. Lt. Choi told Maddow that he “intend(s) fully to fight it tooth and nail.”

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Lt. Choi is currently residing in Orange County, CA. He is a part of Men Alive, the gay men’s chorus, and a member of the Orange County Equality Coalition (OCEC), which is a newly formed OC organization dedicated to furthering equal rights for LGBT people. Lt. Choi participated in protests in Orange County against the passing of Proposition 8, which removed constitutional equal protection for gay and lesbian people. Lt. Choi also heads the organization, Knights Out, a group of LGBT graduates of the highly prestigious, US Military Academy, West Point.

In response to the news of Choi’s dismissal, OCEC mobilized a group of 50-60 protesters to assemble on the foot bridge between UC Irvine and University Center–where there is a military recruiting office (numbers per media reports and protester accounts). The protesters received gratitude during the protest from Choi, himself, via speakerphone.

The protests were covered by the OC Register and the Daily Pilot.

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Dan Choi, a Westpoint grad with a degree in Arabic who served an extended tour in Iraq, came out as gay on the Rachel Maddow show a few months ago. He will be on again tonight to discuss his release from the military.The Orange County Equality Coalition, of which Choi is a member, will be hosting a protest at the Military Recruiting office at UC Irvine today at 2 pm.

The full story is here. The protest info is here.

Gay Marriage Congress

What are these white kids from Dallas doing in Washington DC, getting married to protest marriage? wtf.

Gay Marriage Congress

She will always remember it as the happiest day of her life…..

The four minute video shows scenes from the protest at CdMHS in which the Westboro Baptist “Church” faced off with students and community supporters of the school’s production of RENT. Watch the video here.